(Summer 2024) Hi Friends, hope you're all well!
I am drawing/writing a mystery adventure graphic novel called World's End Detective Agency. And I finished the FIRST DRAFT!! Holy sheet!! Check out details in a public Patreon post. Join as a patron there to help fund my creative endeavors...or help out using Paypal! Click here to contribute!

I have a new portfolio site on

Backstory: In Spring 2020, I concluded 2 lovely seasons of bunny re-enactments. The most recent season (wherein I partnered with TV news site, saw the bunnification of five breakout TV episodes! Including:

The (original) Twilight Zone buns! (Winner of our Viewers' Choice event)! Season 5, Ep. 3: "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet"

...As well as the Festivus episode of Seinfeld!

Preceded by...S1E1 of The Walking Dead ("Days Gone Bye")!

Prior to that was: Episode 1 of Stranger Things S1!

And the start of the season...Game of Thrones buns!

Here is the cartoon announcement I made about the 2019-20 TV Buns season.

Notice certain re-enactments missing? In the spirit of combating racism and hate in daily American life, I have taken stock of my 30-Second Bunnies Theatre parody library and decided to shelve certain re-enactments containing arguably racist content. Even though my intention was never to cause offense, I see now that even parodies can perpetuate racism and cause harm. Therefore I have removed the following re-enactments from the collection:
Godzilla bunnies
The Grudge bunnies
Pirates 3 bunnies
Sixteen Candles bunnies

I have also removed Brokeback Mountain bunnies due to an offensive, tacked-on ending scene. I do not want to perpetuate homophobic content, either.

I deeply apologize and will work to stay vigilant in any future content I create.

Other projects:

- I completed a short animated excerpt from the Ombudsman webcomic: The Inventor!
More about Baldwin P. Leninforth, Ombudsman.

Pic of me from Denver Comic Con (photo courtesy Erik Larsen)

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Dig this sweet game: Spiro! created by bunny voice and game developer extraordinaire Doug McInnes. Spiro is 13K of pure analog Tempest power! Check out this excellent HTML5 zombie game, Dead Valley he also created. Here's a video of game play. And now you can find it on the Google Chrome Web Store!

30-Second Bunnies Theatre WON two Webby Awards for Online Film and Video/Animation, plus the People's Voice award in that category!

Hooray! We've exceeded 1 billion page views since the site began (and since I started keeping track some time in 2001)...THANK YOU for your viewership!!

I want to say thank you to everyone who's written in with such kind words and great requests. I read every single email that comes through here, and your correspondence means more to me (and the bunnies) than I can express. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!